Saturday, September 24, 2011

Week One!

This week in Family Relations we have learned a lot about trends and different things that are changing within the family. It is so amazing how the family has been almost forgotten about with the world. The world views the family as something that might be obtainable but no one really makes it a goal to have a happy family anymore. There are so many things that are becoming more and more popular like cohabitation, single mothers, delayed marriage, employed mothers, etc. Women in the world are thinking about their careers and where they want to go career-wise, but are not really thinking about settling down to become a wife and mother. It is so sad to me that the family has become so taken for granted. Heavenly Father has said that the family is the absolute most important thing and I am sure Heavenly Father is looking down at His children with tears in His eyes at the way the people have chosen to view family. I really feel like those of us who are still strong in the faith and have not lost sight of whats important need to stand up for what we know is right. We need to stay strong and be an example to the world.

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