Saturday, November 12, 2011

Family Crisis

This week we talked about family crisis' and family stressors. We were asked to create a top-ten list of family crisis' in our families and I realized that it was actually very hard. The first one I came up with was when my Dad lost his job. I feel like our entire lives had to be adjusted because we all were used to working through things together. My Dad became very down on himself and felt like he couldn't provide for his family the way he was supposed to. Since he was so down on himself, his mood and his attitude changed and affected every one elses' moods. Not only did it affect our moods, but it also affected our daily habits. We had to stop wanting so many of the more desirable foods and had to just focus on only having the basics. My Dad had to sell our four-wheelers and our go-cart and our nice truck. It was hard on us kids but we knew that it's really what needed to happen for us to survive. Although it was a rough time in our family, we were abel to work through it and stick together no matter what. I believe that we go through these kinds of trials to make us stronger. I know that whenever my family goes through a trial, it's almost like we pull each other closer so our tight circle of trust and love has even less of a chance of breaking.

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