Saturday, November 5, 2011


One topic that really intrigued me this week was the subject of fidelity in a marriage. Most people think of fidelity as being committed to your partner and not having any other sexual relations with another person. We talked about how a marriage is harmed when a spouse even flirts with the opposite sex or shows interest either intentionally or unintentionally. One huge problem that is affecting many marriages is Facebook. Facebook is a site where people create a profile of themselves and everything about them. You are able to chat with friends on there and basically know all about them. Facebook can be really tough on a marriage because a relationship could easily start from there. A spouse may begin talking with a member of the opposite sex with no intention of cheating on their spouse, but often times that is what it leads to. It may seem harmless to the couple at the time because that spouse just seems like he/she is just being friendly, but it is better to prevent these strong attractions that could develop. Not only will it hinder their relationship as a whole, but it will really begin to effect the other spouse because they may begin to feel like too much time is being spent on the computer talking with someone else. As a married couple, the most important person in the world should be the spouse and all secrets should be confided within that relationships. With their best friend. Once those boundaries are crossed, the marriage is at an even greater risk of not working out.

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