Saturday, October 15, 2011

Gender Roles

This week we talked a lot about gender roles and how important it is to have each one the home. Many people in the world believe that men and women are completely the same and that women should be able to hold the same high positions as men. I believe that women are great in the work force and do contribute a lot, but I think that if women began taking over and holding most of the high positions in the work force, many things would not get done, or at least not as quickly. We talked about divine roles and how men and women each have specific traits and characteristics that are natural. Women are nurturing, relationship-oriented, more verbal, they use land marks, and they are detail oriented. Men are aggressive, task-oriented, like action, have a startle-response, and spacial-oriented. I think that men are in high positions because they are able to make quick decisions and get things going, where as women might have trouble making decisions so quickly. Also, within the gospel men are privileged to hold the priesthood and are supposed to protect, preside, and provide. They are supposed to be there to support the family and preside over them. Women have the gift of nurturing for a reason. They fulfill their divine role best in the home. I do believe there are exceptions to this also because sometimes women have no choice but to work to be able to support their families. Overall, I believe men and women have divine roles for a reason and men and women need to stick to these sacred roles.

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