Saturday, October 22, 2011


I really liked this weeks topic because it was about love! One of the most important things to me in my life! I love to feel loved by my family and friends and especially my husband. I also really like to find ways to express my love and appreciation to those around me. We talked about how there are 4 main types of love and each one has a different meaning and aspect to it. It is so cool to me that when you ask someone what their definition is for love, you will rarely get the same response that you heard from someone else you may have asked. Love could mean so many different things. The love I feel for my husband is so different than the love I have for food or for material things. The love I have for my family is more of a caring and committed love. I have that love for my husband also but the love my husband I have is on a much deeper level and involves more intimate love also. I feel so connected to people when I realize how much I really do love them. That does not mean that I am IN love with everyone like I am with my just means I care for somebody. Love is such a happy topic and I am so glad we could talk about it this week! :)

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